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Top Five Mattress Brand In China


The most indispensable part of daily sleep is the mattress, and a comfortable and soft mattress is very important to help you not to speak of sleep, but it is also good for your health. So, what are the top ten best-selling mattresses in China and do you know the mattress maintenance skills? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

Top Ten Best Selling Mattress Rankings in China

One, Simmons mattress

Simmons Simmons is now a very famous mattress brand. It comes from American brands and enjoys high popularity and reputation in the industry. Simmons mattresses are now very popular in China. It is the best choice for families and upscale hotels.

Second, Sealy mattress

After more than 130 years of history, silk mattresses have grown into one of the world's largest bedding manufacturers and one of the best-known mattress brands. Sealy American mattresses are the world's leading mattress manufacturers and five-star hotels. Preferred brand.

Three, Olucy Mattress

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For a long time, Olucy mattress enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese market. It was founded in 1975 and has been ranked first in sales for many years in the country. It is one of China's top ten mattress brands. Olucy mattresses mainly produce spring-soft mattresses. The brand value is among the top 500 in China and is a famous brand in Guangdong Province.

Four, hi-lin mattress

Xilinmen mattresses have been heard by everyone. It is very famous in the current mattress brands, and the brand's products are of good quality and give people a feeling of comfort and warmth. The brand is also one of the top ten branded mattresses in China. It is the leader in the domestic mattress industry and has always focused on the design, production, research and development and sales of mattresses. Therefore, there are many people who purchase Xilinmen mattresses.

Mattress maintenance tips do you know

1. Regularly rotating the bed can help reduce daily wear and tear. Because the mattress will be slightly depressed after use for a period of time, it will also affect people's health. Therefore, regardless of the type of mattress, you should flip the mattress on a regular basis, preferably within three months after purchase. In two weeks, the mattress should be aligned one head and one tail. This will increase the durability of the mattress and make it more comfortable to sleep.

2. Mattresses are easily affected by the weather. If the wet weather is encountered, the mattresses are easy to mold. Therefore, it is best to move the mattress to the outdoor air. When you have the sun, you should also move it to the sun under the sun to avoid mildew and bacteria on the surface of the mattress.

3. Change the bed sheets and bedspreads frequently and keep the mattress surface clean and sanitary. After using the bedclothes for a period of time, it should be changed frequently to avoid bacteria.

The above is the content of China's top ten best-selling mattresses and mattress care techniques introduced by Xiao Bian. I hope to help everyone! Top ten best-selling mattresses in China are also Sui Po Mattresses, Dream Mattresses, and Yalan. Mattress and so on, these brands are also good, if you need to consider it!

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